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About Woodruff Construction

Arizona General Contractor.

Over 35 Years Experience

Woodruff Construction’s General Management, Project Managers, Estimators and Engineers have all obtained college degrees in Construction Management or Engineering backgrounds. Our staff has also continued education with R.S. Means estimating training, LEED training, and Alliance for Construction excellence courses. Our Superintendents have there OSHA 10 hr. cards, and have quality control training as well as equipment operating certifications.

Woodruff Construction typically self performs about 25% - 35% of their work - hard to find in this day of briefcase contractors, with CFO and Project Director Bud Woodruff’s 45 years of construction experience in northern Arizona and surrounding areas we are truly unique! Bud has an uncanny ability to look at a project and instantly see areas that require pro-active solutions which allows the project team to stay on schedule and follow the critical path to completion. Experience coupled with the vast shop space and ability to self - perform tricky task often are the difference between a good project and a great project.

Quality & Communication

At Woodruff Construction we realize that superior quality control is the basis of our reputation as a General Contractor. Our management knows quality control is defined as meeting the requirements of the contract documents in addition to our strict standards of quality.

Woodruff Construction understands that without open lines of communication between the project team, our valuable input & expertise during the crucial design phase could be inadvertently overlooked.

Face-to-face project meetings on a regular basis are fundamental to the process of making the decisions that will ultimately make all projects a success. Woodruff will document the events of the project on a daily basis during construction for weekly review by the Project Manager. Quality control & assurance are always backed by independent 3rd party testing on an agreed upon schedule.

Our Quality Control program begins at performing quality checks & guidelines for all phases of construction. The Project Superintendent must complete inspections of the work using these guidelines before a construction activity is completed. Quality control job walks are conducted with the the Project Manager, Design Team/Engineers, Woodruff Project Manager, Superintendent, & all other important parties of the project to check on the work being performed to ensure quality assurance.

With over 35 years of construction history in Arizona through Woodruff Construction, we think we have a good sense of what it takes to do the job & do it right the first time.

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Arizona General Contractor Client List

Woodruff Construction has performed many projects, large and small, over the years.

Our client list includes, but is not limited to; W.L. Gore & Associates, Coconino County, City of Flagstaff, Maricopa County, City of Tempe, City of Phoenix, City of Mesa, Wayne Thompson, Giovale Development, Jim Babbit and Jim Babbit Ford, Flagstaff Service Center, and Pipewood Development.

Our projects have ranged in size and scope from a $25,000.00 office repair/renovation to a $2.5 Million 60,000 Square Foot manufacturing facility renovation and addition. We specialize in design/build, pre-engineered structures, T/I, renovation/remodel and new commercial construction.

  • Steve Peru Coconino County Manager

    "On behalf of Coconino County, thank you for being there for us during an unprecedented snow emergency. Removing heavy amounts of snow from the County buildings was essential, and thanks to your company’s efforts, I’m sure Coconino County averted what could have been a costly and lengthy process to repair collapsed roofs."

  • David Wheeler Assistant Director of Capital Improvements - Kyrene Elementary School District

    "Rating of 9 out of 10 on: Satisfaction, Quality, Professionalism, Warranty Responsiveness, Onsite Personnel, Management Capability, Customer Service, Safety, Subcontractors Performance, and Managing Subcontractors. The Kyrene SD contract with Woodruff is a JOC. We are currently in year 4 of a 5 year contract. During this time we have awarded and completed just over $8M in projects. Woodruff has completed all of these jobs on time, within budget, and has handled all of the warranty claims with the utmost in professionalism."

  • Leah Hanwell Facilities Management - Maricopa County

    "I’m pleased to rate Woodruff Construction at 10 out of 10 on: Preconstruction Services, Achieving Goals on Budget, Issues Response, On-going Service and Follow up, Issues Resolution, Team Communication, Site Appearance 2 -6 years, Costs vs Return, and Overall Performance."

  • John Miller Project Manager - Mesa Unified School District

    "This contractor has been a preferred JOC contractor for MPS for the past five years and I look forward to the opportunity to work with them again. My ratings on this firm are 10 out of 10 on: Satisfaction, Quality, Professionalism, Warranty Responsiveness, Safety, Overall, PR & Customer Service, Management Capability, and On-site personnel. 9 out of 10 on: Subcontractors Performance, and Managing Multiple Subcontractors."

  • Gay Spivey Assistant Operations Manager - Northern Arizona Transit Authority

    "I just want to tell you that Doug Aldridge has been a huge help to Mountain Line Transit. Our Transfer Center is located on Phoenix Ave and three of our routes leave Phoenix Avenue via Beaver Street south bound every 30 minutes. Our buses are 30’ and 35’ in length and sometime struggle with construction zones. Doug has helped tremendously by communicating the changes, safety concerns, and helping our buses get through. He has done an outstanding job helping us through this construction so far. Thanks."

  • James Marshall City of Phoenix

    "Thank you for this and good job!!!"

  • Rudy Gomez Roosevelt School District

    "Woodruff Construction is rated 10 out of 10 on all performance criteria, including: Satisfaction, Quality, Professionalism, Warranty Responsiveness, On-site personnel PR & Customer Service, Subcontractors, Management Capability, Safety, Overall"

  • Tim Woodard Washington Elementary School District

    "Please tell our superintendent thanks, again; we appreciate the follow through from your company. He went beyond what we asked. I am also forwarding this to the District Office so they know we are pleased with the effort."

  • Darrell L. Wallace Supervisor Buildings and Grounds Department - Window Rock School District

    "Woodruff Construction has excellent quality workmanship and takes pride in their work in building quality housing units and has met the expectations of the District. Ken Jensen, Superintendent, has excellent administrative and communication skills and demonstrated proper workmanship with local utility company and surrounding local entities. Woodruff has completed 14 houses for the School District and is currently developing two mobile home parks. Window Rock SD highly recommends Woodruff Construction for their excellent work."

  • Steve Peru - Coconino County Manager
  • Kyrene Elementary School
  • Maricopa County
  • Mesa Public Schools
  • Mountainline
  • Phoenix
  • Roosevelt
  • Washington Elementary District
  • Window Rock Unified School District

Our Licenses

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General Commercial Contractor

AZ ROC 096802 B
General Residential Contractor

AZ ROC 263244 A
General Engineering

AZ ROC 312742
General Residential Contractor

AZ ROC 312741
General Engineering

AZ ROC 312744
General Commercial Contractor