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Code of Safe Practices

SAFETY on all levels is one of the highest priorities on all of our jobsites. Woodruff Construction has a comprehensive General Safety Program, which may be viewed if desired. All of our employees and subcontractor must abide by our firm’s safety policies at all times. Our safety program complies or exceeds all Federal, State, and local regulations including OSHA requirements.

- Administer all programs in relation to safety and passing the required training to workers.
- Disseminate all safety information to the on-site project staff.
- Monitor compliance of all on site staff of the safety efforts.
- Evaluate potential violations and corrective actions.
- Implement all safety corrections and monitor results.

- Cooperate in every way with OSHA & every organization having any jurisdiction over the safety of the work.
- Ensure that all reporting is timely, accurate, and complete.
- Being thoroughly familiar with all safety aspects of every operation being performed on the site.
- Ensuring that all operations are being performed properly and safely.
- Conducting the safety inspections.

- Conducting “tailgate” safety meetings (Tool Box Talks).
- Being familiar with and able to administer basic First Aid/CPR., maintaining First Aid Supplies
- Ensuring that the safety policy and any safety rules are posted in a prominent place.
- Enforcing compliance with all safety rules.
- Providing updated safety information to all on site employees.

- Providing on-site safety training for any job specific hazards to all on site visitors.
- Enforcing all PPE requirements on the site.
- Providing all training on the proper use of equipment at the site.
- Updating all safety information at the project sites.
- Providing safety incentives at the site.