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Woodruff Construction is proposing a team that has delivered numerous projects of this nature. In addition to our long history with educational construction we feel our firm is uniquely qualified to be selected for this contract based on our previous Job Order Contracting Experience. Our firm has completed over 2,000 job order projects to date. These projects are often fast-paced and critical in nature and we understand that many of these projects will need to be completed in limited time frames. Woodruff has the experience, staff, and comprehensive planning needed to complete projects in limited and fast paced schedules.


We understand that many of these projects will be on occupied campuses and will require extensive planning to ensure the facilities operations are not disrupted by the construction work. Our project team stands by the mantra “Execution Without Interruption.” We are committed to completing the necessary work without disrupting the normal operations of the facilities and maintaining the safety of the sites during construction.


Our home office is located at 2710 East Lakin Drive in Flagstaff, just minutes away from Northern Arizona University’s Flagstaff Campus. Aside from having an office Woodruff Construction has a large shop and skilled tradesmen that complete a large range of projects in-house, from millwork to complex steel fabrication. As an experienced Mid-Size General Contractor, we find that our company structure allows us to tackle multiple complex projects while remaining nimble and adaptable to each specific project and its goals. We unequivocally state that due diligence has been exercised in the preparation of this Statement of Qualifications and that all contents are true, accurate, and complete to the best of the signer’s knowledge. Our utmost desire is to provide our services to you and complete all projects under this contract beyond your expectations. Thank you for considering Woodruff Construction for this Job Order Contract. I hope our response conveys to you our genuine interest and commitment to serve Northern Arizona University now and into the future.